Read on if you’re ready to FINALLY be able to find all the important things in your small business, fast.

Here’s the kindergarten trick…

Use the power of color coding. 

Now hear me out because I know you were hoping for some magical system. But trust me. THIS IS IT!

According to research by Brother International Corp, a color-coded system for your business can save up to 50 minutes a day. Over the course of a year, this translates to a staggering 200+ hours of time regained. Is that not WILD?

This might surprise you but aside from being a certified Director of Operations and business coach, I’m also a certified professional organizer. (Although you wouldn’t believe it if you saw the state of my pantry right now.)

Learn strategic tips to organize and streamline your small business. Tips and tricks for the female entrepreneur that make sense!

But guess what? Color coding is part of what I had to learn for the professional organizer certification! 🌈 

Why? Because it works. It’s one of the best business ideas for women.

Here’s your 3-step process to start saving time by color coding everything in your business (don’t knock it ’til you try it!)

Write Down Your Small Business Categories

Pinpoint the categories specific to your business, such as clients, projects, or urgency levels. Assign colors to each category for a clear visual reference.

How to Color Code

Want to know my color coding organizational system for my small business? 

Here you go:

People (Leader and Team): Red

Customers: Pink

Products/Services: Blue

Operations: Purple

Money & Metrics: Orange

Marketing & Sales: Green

1 Additional: Yellow

If you noticed that they are based on the 6-key pillars in your business that I teach and coach on, you’re my new FAVORITE student. 😂

Use Color-Coding Everywhere in Your Business to Save Time

Email, Google Drive, MacBook folders, physical manila folders. Everywhere. The more places you use it, the more efficient you become. 🌈 Use the SAME color for the SAME thing, every time. 

Why? This seriously cuts down on how long it takes you to see things since (at-a-glance) you’re looking for one color first instead of having to read a million file names.

Review and Clean Up Regularly & Consistently

Periodically review your color-coded system inside your small business. Adapt as needed. Keep things tidy by cleaning things up each week during your admin hour. (For me, this is on Mondays).

Do you color code in your business?

Let me hear it!

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