You need an electrifying speaker who's part strategist, part fire-starter, & all-around powerhouse.

 Hi there! I’m Kelly – a certified Director of Operations, ADHD entrepreneurship guru, and small business coach. 

From decoding strategic thinking to mastering time management, I’m here to lead women through the wild, challenging world of entrepreneurship with grit, guts and grace. 

As a mastermind in busting through burnout and empowering women to claim their 7-figure destinies without sacrificing their weekends, I’m all about shattering expectations and galvanizing your group to take action – NOW. 

With my God-gifted ability for simplifying the complex and igniting action (a bit like a match to gasoline), your audience won’t just listen – they’ll sit up, take notes, and leap into action! 

So, whether you’re hosting a corporate bash, a women’s empowerment event, or looking to inject a whole lotta zest to your podcast lineup, let’s make an incredible audience-focused experience … together. 

Reach out and let’s turn your next podcast or event into an unforgettable experience! Email the team at [email protected] 

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Past Interviews

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*please note: host mistakenly says I had a $26K launch; instead it was $26K revenue month in my side hustle. 

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Talk Titles:

  • From Chaos to Clarity: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential

  • Escaping the Hamster Wheel: How to Become a Focused CEO 

  • 5 Business-Crushing Habits: How Women Unknowingly Sabotage Their Own Success

  • Unlocking Success: Insider Secrets for ADHD Entrepreneurs

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Embracing the Warrior Mindset (my company is called Walk Like Warriors, after all!)

  • The Pitfalls of ‘Do It Messy’ – and the Strategy to Embrace Instead

  • Time Mastery for the Time Challenged

  • The 631 Formula: How I Generated $26K in One Month on Social Media with Less Than 500 Followers

  • Embrace Your Power: Leveraging Women’s Unique Traits for Success

  • Passion vs. Workaholism: Recognizing the Difference

  • Breaking Free from Burnout: Rediscovering Joy in Work and Life

  • From Side Hustle to Success: Strategies for Scaling Your Business with Ease

  • Navigating Entrepreneurship with ADHD: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

  • Redefining Success: How to Build a 7-Figure Business Without Sacrificing Weekends

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