Have you ever found yourself in the uncomfortable situation of dealing with a copycat?

You know, that friend, colleague, or even online follower who seems to have a knack for mimicking your every move?

It can be a really uncomfortable situation. But, even more than that, it can be really dangerous to your business!

I’ve been dealing with my own business copycat these last few months and it has been a challenge. She has never worked in the business world and often copies (word-for-word) things I say in my stories on Instagram.

One thing to remember: they are copying you because they are struggling to come up with ideas of their own. Trust that your people KNOW authenticity, experience, and wisdom when they see it. Rest in the fact that you are the OG and, while you can be imitated, you will never duplicated. Success brings copycats. It’s kinda part of the deal.

Still, you very well might need to take action.

I’ve got you covered with a simple 3-step guide to navigate this sticky situation with grace and confidence.

Be Direct, Communicate:

When it comes to dealing with copycats, honesty is key.

Instead of letting resentment simmer beneath the surface, address the issue head-on. Politely but firmly communicate your feelings (and evidence) to the individual in question.

Let them know that while imitation may be flattering, it’s also important to respect each other’s originality and boundaries.

Save Evidence with Dates:

It’s one thing to suspect someone of copying your ideas or actions, but it’s another to have concrete evidence to back it up.

Keep track of instances where you feel your work or creativity has been imitated. Save screenshots, emails, or any other relevant documentation, making sure to note dates and timestamps.

Having this evidence on hand will bolster your case and provide clarity when discussing the matter with the copycat. A business attorney will request these documents in order to send a cease and desist letter (if it comes to that).

Get a Team Involved:

Dealing with a copycat can be emotionally draining, especially for people-pleasers who tend to avoid confrontation.

Don’t hesitate to enlist the support of a trusted friend, mentor, or even legal team to help navigate the situation.

Having a supportive team in your corner can provide perspective, guidance, and the moral support you need to stand up for yourself gracefully but assertively.

Remember, it’s okay to assert your boundaries and protect your originality.

Follow these three steps — being direct, saving evidence with dates, and getting a team involved — and you will be able to deal with copycats without losing your ever-loving-mind. Oh! And don’t forget to remind yourself that you are the OG. You must be crushing it if they’re copying you.

The next time you find yourself faced with a copycat, don’t shy away from addressing the issue. You’ve got this!

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