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Are you struggling to grow your Business?

Learn How to Run Your Business Without Losing Your Weekends with Group Coaching That Feels Like a Best Friend and Strategist All-in-One

Hey there! I’m Kelly Leardon.

Certified Director of Operations & Business Coach

I’ve built 4 successful businesses from scratch (with one on track to net well into the 6 figures annually within 5 months of launching), and now I help passionate entrepreneurs do the same.

My proven strategies take you from overwhelmed to unstoppable, no matter where you’re starting.  Ready to ditch the overwhelm and watch your business thrive? Let’s chat!

Are you tired of being overwhelmed, overworked, and under paid?

Here's What You Need

The Success Squad

If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm and learn how to manage your business and your time you need The Success Squad.

The Success Squad is a 9-week live group coaching program & digital course with lifetime access. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

• Time Mastery
Know what to do for your business and when

• Business Mastery
Become the CEO Powerhouse you were made to be

• My coveted PI Framework 
Never run out of content ideas again. EVER.

How to build on the 3rd platform 
The one that makes all the difference.

• Streamlining and Automations
Learn how to run your business better and faster

Doors open again fall 2024 – CLICK HERE to join the wait list. Space is extremely limited. Those on the VIP wait list get first access, 24 hours before everyone else.

Group coaching that will get you moving!

What's Included

In the Success Squad

The Success Squad includes:

  • 9 one-hour live coaching calls in a small-group coaching pod with recording sent within 24 hours for those who cannot attend live (valued at $1,350)
  • 9-module digital course released each Friday (valued at $1,800)
  • 200+ page workbook packed with templates, scripts, step-by-step tutorials & more (valued at $300)
  • Access to The Squad Inner Circle: A lively and encouraging private community of female entrepreneurs (valued at $297)
  • 3-Month Access to the Success Squad ALUMNI Circle with continued access to the community, private group coaching with Kelly, and working workshops to begin to scale fast without the stress (valued at $297)
  • 3 bonus mini courses added to your account at the conclusion of The Success Squad! Mini Course 1: The No-Fail Launch Plan ($149). Mini Course 2: Rock Solid Elevator Pitches to Make Sales in 60 Seconds or Less ($149). Mini Course 3: How to Sell Without Selling ($149). (valued at $447)

TOTAL VALUE = $4,491

Your investment = just $1,800 🎉

(4-month payment plans are available)

Plus, a JUICY coupon that can be used in combination with the 4-month payment plan available to waitlist only! And other surprises for the wait list only. 

What the success squad are saying ...

Group coaching that will get you moving!

“I love how tangible Kelly made this section on content creation!! It’s easy to say “this is how you should do it” but the way you included examples and demonstrations – made it feel easier to understand.”

Julia L.

Group coaching that will get you moving!

“I went from a confused mama trying to create a business to having so much clarity and an actual business foundation.”

Trina M,

Group coaching that will get you moving!

“I’ve taken a lot of courses and there was more in the first couple of calls and Module One than most courses in their entirety! My notes were chock FULL just on call #1… I was so wide-eyed and GRATEFUL!!!!”

Kendra H.

Stop running in circles. Become the focused, wildly successful entrepreneur you set out to be

You’re making this harder than it is trying to figure it out on your own. It’s why everything seems like it takes wayyyyyy too long.
You know there’s a better way – a faster way to success.

If you’re done trying to piece it together on your own – following this influencer over here and that podcaster over there – you’re about to breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

And I get it. You’ve been burned by digital courses and programs in the past. There are some bad players out there that have caused you to lose trust and waste money.

This program is different. And here’s why:

First, The Success Squad has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you attend the live calls and complete the course work and are not completely satisfied, you can receive a FULL refund within 30 days of course completion.

Second, my alum will vouch for the program and are happy to answer questions from you directly. I’m so confident, you can reach out to me in the DM’s and I’ll connect you with as many of them as you’d like to chat with!

Or, stick here and read what Renee N. write to me just two weeks into the Squad: “Kelly, I spent stupid money on what I thought was a coaching program last year and walked away with NOTHING skill-wise to help my business. But you? You cut through and tell me what needs to be said and you also do it with a kindness and understanding as a female knowing how many hats we wear each day. Today I felt like a more productive version of me, the kind I knew I was capable of but just needed a roadmap. You have made a huge impact on me and it’s only week 2.” 

You know you have it in you. You just need the right tools in your toolbox. That’s why The Success Squad exists. To get you strategy & clarity – fast.

Do you believe things can be radically better for you within just 2 weeks? Check what Liz (who had been burned before) said at the start of Week 3 in the Squad…

“You have absolutely blown my mind and exceeded my expectations (after 2 weeks!!). I was so hesitant to join because I had been burned in the past but you have taught me exactly what I had been hoping to learn from all those others. I am so so glad I listened to my gut and joined this round!”


FAQ's for the Success Squad

Below you will find answers to your most burning Success Squad questions. If your question is not answered here, slide on into Kelly’s Instagram DM’s and she will be more than happy to help you out!

NOTE: Doors are currently closed and reopen fall 2024. Space is extremely limited. 

If you’re struggling to actually get the important stuff done in your business, you need The Success Squad.

The Success Squad gives you the foundational pieces of your business that, when in place, give you peace, freedom, focus, and growth.

The Success Squad includes:

• Time Mastery – getting structure in your business so your days flow better, you have clearer focus, and you never have to work nights or weekends to “catch up” again

• Business Mastery – getting clear direction on what to work on in order to build a business that’s healthy and strong, getting organized and streamlined so you stop wasting time

• Kelly’s proprietary PI Framework for endless content ideas that actually results in people stopping the scroll. This is the REAL DEAL content that builds community & trust and leads to engaged followers who actually BUY

• A unique way to organize your entire business (even if you have ADHD)

• Your brand pillars (creating content your people will actually want to consume)

• How to build on the 3rd platform, which is the most lucrative platform of all and one you’re probably not leveraging right now

• How to build a business so good that testimonials and referrals are rolling in every single week


Success Squad live calls will take place on Tuesdays in September and October 2024 from 1-2 PM eastern.

Yes. You can pre-submit your questions each week and I’ll answer them on the live calls so you can get answers when you watch the recording. 

Additionally, the Squad alumni will tell you that 90% of the value is in the digital course and workbook. (I can refer you to some previous Squad members if you’d like.)

The modules are released one at a time, weekly on Wednesday mornings.

Your live call the coming week (on Tuesday) goes over the previous module released on Wednesday, though you are welcome to submit questions on anything you’ve learned thus far in the Squad. 

Yes! This is a new addition to The Success Squad. We are building an active community via Instagram group chat. It’s called The Success Squad Inner Circle and you’ll have access to the other ladies (and me!) inside that private platform.

The weekly, live, one-hour group coaching calls are recorded and the recording is sent out within 24 hours of the call. You have 60 days to download them. The course itself comes with lifetime access (or until Walk Like Warriors no longer exists!). 

I still have questions ...

DM Kelly on Instagram! She remains steadfastly devoted to being responsive and active on IG so shoot her a DM with your question and she’ll get back to you quickly. It is her pleasure to serve you.

Are You Ready to Break Free?

It’s time to quit the shame. Ditch the guilt. And stop trying to go it alone: distracted, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Get empowered to know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that you’ve built a strong, profitable business, the right way. The way the big guys do it.

Trust me, sis. A Scotch-taped together business is not going to stand the test of time. Learn the rules so you can crush the game.

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