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Your Life, your work, in perfect balance

Do you want to build the business of your dreams – without sacrificing your personal life? You’re in the right place! My strategies and time management system for busy female entrepreneurs will restore balance to your life – while helping you grow your business with strategy & focus.

Are You Frustrated By ...

  • – Trying to balance your business goals with your family responsibilities?
  • – Flying by the seat of your pants every day? 
  • – Feeling unsure about how to get your business to actually grow? (besides praying you go viral)
  • – Trying to manage your time effectively?
  • – Feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and burned out?
  • – Wanting to have a bigger impact but feeling like you don’t have the organizational, time management, and sales skills to do it?
  • – Needing focus and direction for your business but nothing seems to help?


Choose Your Own Adventure

1:1 Coaching

If you’re ready to grow your business fast and strong while building your dream personal life, click the button below to explore private coaching packages!

Group Coaching

Community + coaching + business course = The Success Squad! Learn more about my live, 9-week group coaching with lifetime access to the digital courses and recordings.

Digital Courses

If you’re ready to start leveling up your business today, check out our digital courses. I’m building a suite of self-paced digital products made to get you growing and scaling fast.

About me

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I know how frustrating it is to try to balance allll the important things at home & work AND keep all the plates spinning at the same time. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

I’m a Certified Director of Operations and small business coach for female entrepreneurs. I’ve worked alongside small business owners for 20 years (& counting!) and my goal is to help YOU scale to multi-six-and-seven-figures … without sacrificing your personal life to do it.

What my Clients Say

“I went from a confused mama trying to create a business to having so much clarity and an actual business foundation.”


“I have LOVED working with Kelly. I've learned a tremendous amount in our coaching sessions. She motivates me, and inspires me, and she KNOWS her stuff.

She amazes me with her wealth of knowledge and generosity to share it with me and our community.

But more than that, I just think she's an incredible human with tremendous faith, and it shows in everything that she does."


"Kelly has changed my life for the better in just 3 weeks! Before working with her, I felt overwhelmed, struggling to balance my business ambitions with family priorities. Now, I have a clear path for growth, thanks to Kelly's guidance in customizing daily tasks and staying organized.

With her help, I've planned two weeks of Instagram content, started weekly newsletters, and rediscovered time for personal passions like art. Kelly's coaching has given me the freedom to pursue my dreams while being fully present with my family. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me!"



Let's Work Together!

3 easy steps to getting your business - and life - on the right track with private coaching:

1. Book a coffee chat using the link below

2. We’ll chat for 30-minutes to discuss your goals, challenges, and business & personal needs

3. If we determine I’m a right fit for you (and you’re a right fit for my coaching plans), we’ll match you with a coaching plan and coaching will begin in 2-4 weeks (and you’ll start to feel calm & focused pretty much right away!)

I see you, sweet sister ...

At Walk Like Warriors, we know that you want to be a successful entrepreneur who also has a personal life she loves. In order to do that, you need a system for balancing it all (one that doesn’t include keeping a time diary). The problem is, you’re so busy, disorganized, & overwhelmed that it makes you feel like a failure.

I believe that the only thing holding you back is not having the right systems to manage your time and grow your business. 

I understand how hard it is as a female entrepreneur to find systems actually designed for YOU (not information copied and pasted from the business best seller’s list and corporate-America systems that simply do not work for solopreneurs). 

This is why I’m here. It’s totally unfair you’re left to flail and struggle, trying desperately to use a system designed in the 50’s by men for corporate America efficiency. 

Here’s how we grow your business in a way that aligns with who you are and what you care about:

1. We start with my proprietary Time Mastery System designed exclusively for female entrepreneurs (by a female entrepreneur!)

2. We go through the 6 pillars of a healthy business and ensure every aspect of your business is strong and growing – in an easy, achievable framework

3. We place the activities in step two inside the system of step one and all of a sudden – poof! You’re working half the time but getting twice as much done (just ask Client A.M. who is now done working at 12:30pm every day – and her business has never been more profitable!!!)

So let’s work together – either inside a private coaching container or inside The Success Squad (my signature 8-week group coaching program). Book a coffee chat and let’s talk!

And, in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram to see if you like my style. I offer free daily coaching in IG stories. 

It’s time you stop putting out fires all day, suffering under the crushing weight of mom guilt, exhausted from all you’re trying to do … yet looking back at your week and having no idea what you were so busy doing. 

Instead, let’s get you clear, focused, and balanced.

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