Are you struggling with finding your footing with a work-from-home routine? 

15-minute time blocking does not work for me. It actually sends me into such a stress response, it feels like a panic attack! I keep looking at the clock and if I get off track by even 3 minutes, I start to spiral. 

I honestly don’t know how people live like that! You need a better productivity tip than that.

What works so much better for me is dividing my day into larger chunks of time (between work, family, and home). Here’s what that looks like and how I have a productive day routine (and it does vary day-to-day because I refuse to be my own worst boss!).

1. Rise and Conquer:

I start my day with the biggest rocks. For me, the non-negotiables are time with God in my prayer closet (it is literally inside my office closet which thankfully is a walk-in closet!). I listen to a worship playlist, spend time praying, read my Bible, and work on memorizing a verse or two. 

Then, I jump on the treadmill for 20-60 minutes and listen to business podcasts. 

Yes, I’m a nerd. But this is how I keep myself sharp for my clients! I have a goal to lift weights 3 times a week in 2024 so that will cut down on my podcast time but definitely worth it as I am looking to get strong this year.

2. Time Blocking That Doesn’t Give You a Panic Attack

Break down the day into focused blocks. Tackle similar tasks together to minimize the mental gymnastics of constant context-switching. 

I use theme days for my business so that each day I am working on a different aspect of my business. This REALLY helps with focus and mental clarity. Some days it’s a 9am to 6pm grind. Other days, I just block 10am to 2pm to work. 

I ensure I take plenty of breaks and that my workspace is an extension of my home. More on that…

Revamp your work-from-home routine without the stress. Embrace personalized time blocks, prioritize well-being, and create a joyous, productive space.

3. Zen Workspace:

I like pretty workspaces. There, I said it. I am NOT going to sit in a cold office that looks like a prison cell. So I decorate my space for the holidays. I have blankets and candles and an oil diffuser. 

I’m always burning candles (these are my favorites) at my desk and I have office supplies and stickers in all the colors of the rainbow. This makes me happy. This makes my area a place that brings me joy. Have you thought about doing the same in your own workspace? 

4. Recharge Breaks:

A recipe for a bad crash in the afternoon is a failure to take breaks.

 As a business coach, I get a lot of Voxer messages from clients. I use these check-ins as an opportunity to make laps around my first floor. This boosts my energy and helps me get my step count up. Win win!

Revamp your work-from-home routine without the stress. Embrace personalized time blocks, prioritize well-being, and create a joyous, productive space.

5. Digital Detox:

This is an area of struggle for me because I LOVE Instagram. But one of my goals for 2024 is to designate tech detox zones during my work blocks. I am going to mark out 2 long stretches where I am “grounded” from IG! (It’s easy to excuse being on there because that is the main feeder for my digital courses and coaching so hey! It’s “marketing” … right?) 

One area I am strong in and I cannot encourage enough is zero notifications. I have all notifications on every device set to off. Your sanity deserves it.

6. Workday Shut Down:

Wind down the work-from-home day intentionally. I close out of all apps. Clear off my desk (on the good days anyway!) and leave my work phone in a drawer. This helps me mentally STOP working and re-engage with my family.

Warrior, your work-from-home routine is yours to do with as you wish. But if it’s an area of struggle for you or you need help keeping work life and family life separate, I encourage you to give some of these ideas a try. 

And if you’re ready to level up your efficiency even more, grab a copy of my free guide: Hyper Efficiency: 7 Strategies to Save You 12+ Hours/Week.

7 Strategies to Save You 12+ Hours/Week.

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