Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed before you even started working? I feel you.

I used to feel so stressed out just sitting down at my desk to start the workday. As an entrepreneur with ADHD, my desk was often covered from one side to the other with dishes, cups, mugs, soda cans, papers, notebooks, and random items of clothing.

Did I clean it? Nope. Just kept adding to it. I would literally work with my arms propped up on the piles. It’s no wonder I was completely overwhelmed and had lost my spark for working. Things were a mess!

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What Changed

Then I discovered the “Work Day Start Up Ritual.” I learned it from Michael Hyatt (Full Focus Co). It’s a simple routine for the first 3-7 minutes of the work day. And it changed everything for how I feel about sitting down to work.

I’m not one to throw down drastic demands but I’m going to say it: we ALL need to be doing this. Every single day.

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Learn how to have the best morning routine as a solopreneur and small business owner that will streamline your day and boost your productivity!

Here’s the best morning routine for success:

⏰ Set my timer for 5 minutes

🎶 Start my favorite song on YouTube (the best ones are 5-7 minutes long)

☀️ Open the blinds/let the sun in!

🧹 Clear off the surfaces/take dishes to kitchen/throw away garbage

🙌 Ensure desk is totally clear and sparkling clean

☕ Fill water bottle and make tea

💐 Light candles/make the space pretty

Now, some people do this at the end of their workday. And that is great. Do what works for you. But typically my workday ends because I get distracted and wander off, never to return until the next day. So “Work Day Shut Down Routines” do not work for me.

No worries. I just do it to kick things off for the day. And now, I’ve been doing it so long, it’s basically on auto pilot.

Sometimes I even surprise myself and I walk into my office – only to discover it’s already clean. (Whaaaa?! Who IS this person?)

Look, it’s a real deal. A clean desk improves focus, clarity – and boosts one’s mood. (This is a sweet little bonus for those who struggle with winter blues.)

What’s more: a study by Brother International found that the average office worker spends 76 hours per year searching for misplaced items on their own desk. Whaaaaaa?!?!

(I write more about this in this post!)

This works as long as you ensure you are racing the clock and clearing off your workspace quickly. Don’t get distracted and wander off. So use that timer!

Learn how to have the best morning routine as a solopreneur and small business owner that will streamline your day and boost your productivity!

How to Make this a Habit

Write an ordered list on an index card and tape it to the wall above your desk

Use the index card daily and work IN ORDER every time

Once you can do it without looking, throw the index card away and be proud of yourself.

Warrior, it’s the LITTLE things that make a big impact on our day. Try it for a few days and let me know what you think!

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