Burning the candle at both ends? It’s not the way to stay in business long term, sis.

Welcome back to week two of my mini burnout series.

Last week, we talked about creating a non-negotiables list (your “never ever” list) to protect your time and energy. The two biggies for me are never working nights/weekends and never working holidays. You can put anything on your list that you want but the most important thing is to make the list and be intentional. This week, we’re shifting gears to focus on something equally important: refueling your fire. This is one of the best ways to prevent burnout. 

What Fills You Up?

An indicator you’re headed for burnout is when you aren’t getting fired up about the things you used to love. You’re feeling tired, fatigued, and not excited about hobbies or things you once cared about.

It may sound counterintuitive – but do it anyway. By leaning into your passions and hobbies (meaning you have to schedule time for them so they happen), you’ll begin to feel that spark again. The worst thing you can do is neglect the things that bring you peace & joy in favor of just working more. Pretty soon, fatigue, exhaustion, and even bitterness can seep into your days.

My passions include photography, being outside in nature, spending quality time with my family, spending daily, unhurried time with God through prayer and Bible reading, and exploring new places – whether it’s a restaurant downtown or a city I’ve never visited before.

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Here’s a little secret: pay attention to what you’re neglecting.

Signs of Burn-Out

One of the sneaky signs of impending burnout is the slow but steady withdrawal from things we once loved. 

Are you constantly pushing aside your hobbies, relationships, friendships, and even daily disciplines of your faith? This is a big, red warning flag that it’s time to slow down and re-evaluate. Before it’s too late.

Think back to the things that used to excite you. Some of us have to think wayyyy back to our college days! What activities brought you a sense of peace, joy, or fulfillment? Choose one and add it back into your life, even if it’s just in small doses.

One of my favorite Michael Hyatt quotes is this: “What gets scheduled gets done.” Open your digital calendar and literally make a meeting with yourself. Block time for something you want to do – and don’t allow yourself to delete it or move it. Keep the appointments you make with yourself. No one will do this for you. Especially if they’ve gotten used to you being a workhorse and not a healthy, fulfilled, multidimensional human being!

So, this week, I want to challenge you to create your own list. Write down activities that energize you, and then schedule them into your calendar – treat them with the same importance as your business meetings or deadlines.

I have a coaching client who has begun painting and drawing every Friday afternoon – a passion she had neglected for over 20 years! She immediately began feeling lit up and more fulfilled. She was most excited about how this block of time began to change how she showed up as a wife and mom. Because she was filled up and gaining old passions back, she felt she was able to me more intentional and present with her family the whole rest of the week!

By prioritizing what brings you joy, you can beat (or prevent) burnout and build a sustainable, fulfilling life & business. 

And hey! Is reading one of the things that lights you up? Check out my 5 favorite books for entrepreneurs. It’s a solid list and I LOVE that so many of you have started in on these already.

Stay tuned next week for another bite-sized tip to help you conquer burnout.

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